A new charter for RDAs

The Australian Government has re-committed to the national Regional Development Australia (RDA) program under a new 4.5-year funding agreement and revised Charter.
Assistant Minister for Regional Development and Territories Nola Marino aims to reintroduce indexation to the Budget’s appropriation to provide RDAs with greater operational stability and the confidence to attract and retain qualified staff.

The revised Charter will assist with RDA’s role in enhancing economic development and investment, promoting Commonwealth Government policies, programs and research and providing input into policy-making while supporting informed, aligned regional planning. The focus will be on identifying decentralisation opportunities, creating regional jobs and improving networks between metropolitan and regional areas.

RDA Committees are already making a positive economic impact in their communities and have the capacity to continue driving positive change. The revised arrangements will provide a strong basis for RDAs to play a positive role in revitalising Australia’s post-COVID economy.

The new charter:
In collaboration with other RDA Committees, all levels of government, and the private sector, RDA Committees will:
a) Facilitate regional economic development outcomes, investment, local procurement and jobs.
b) Promote greater regional awareness of and engagement with Commonwealth Government policies, grant programs and research.
c) Improve Commonwealth regional policy-making by providing intelligence and evidence-based advice to the Australian Government on regional development issues.
d) Co-ordinate the development of a strategic regional plan, or work with suitable existing regional plans that will align with the Commonwealth’s regional priorities.