O2N Key Priorities & Activities for 2020/21

Knowledge, expertise and skills

Develop collective brand and leverage infrastructure and expertise to support the participation of business in the region in global supply chains:

• Workforce development initiatives

• The attraction of universities and research to the region

• Increasing the profile of the region, nationally and internationally

• Assist contractors with adherence to local content requirements.

Collaborations and connections

Facilitate greater cooperation and collaboration between participating SME’s and others:

• Increased referrals and access to programs that support growth

• Increased industry networking opportunities

• Access to projects in the region

• Facility to promote your services to others

Support for growth

Improved local capability to increase exports, encourage growth, and create jobs:

• Increased inbound and outbound delegations

• Formal capacity building programs and events

• Industry insights and the latest news

• Supplier and buyer opportunities